What is Jinzai Service General Union (JSGU)?

JSGU is the 21st Century-type General Union which connects workers and companies in the temporary staffing industry.

Through various activities, JSGU provides comfortable working environment for employees, and facilitate communication between companies and employees to build a good relationship.

Organization of JSGU

Union Activities

Various efforts have been made to facilitate communication among union members who were dispatched to different companies.

  1. Enrichment of lives with the improvement in working conditions
  2. Safe work environment and improvement of fringe benefits
  3. Complaint handling activities to address discontent at work place
  4. Protection of our work place and industry
  5. Social reform and social contribution for consumers
  6. Pleasant society through education/culture/mutual aid activities

Activities of JSGU

JSGU aims at contributing to sound development of the temporary staffing industry, stabilizing employment of dispatched/contract workers, and realizing secure livelihood.

Recreational activities

Various efforts have been made to facilitate communication among union members who were dispatched to different companies.

1. Regional Branch exchange
2. Branch exchange
3. Regional Branch workshop

Introduction of officers


Hiroki Shibata

Vice President

Nobuyuki Ohno


Masaya Ishizaki

Assistant Secretary

Kaoru Hattori

Keitaro Maeda

Executive Committee Members

Akira Moro

Chikayoshi Enomoto

Hiroyuki Yabe

Katsuhiko Yoshida

Katsunori Tanaka

Kazuhito Taketa

Kazuya Yahagi

Kurumi Sasaki

Mami Sasaki

Shingo Wakuno

Shinji Iwata

Taeko Tanaka

Tadahiro Nitta

Yasuhiro Kuroyama

Yoshiaki Yamamoto


Tomomi Suda

Yuko Sawanobori 

Yumiko Nakajima


Charter of Jinzai Service General Union

We, Jinzai Service General Union (hereinafter referred to as JSGU), hereby declare to pursue union activities consistent with union democracy and industry democracy, as a general union where workers in the temporary help industry gather and unite beyond the corporate framework. Charter of its activity is stipulated below.


  1. We, JSGU, as a trade union voluntarily organized by union members, pursue independent and democratic operations in mutual solidarity of union members by eliminating all kinds of external pressure and interference.
  2. We, JSGU, work to maintain and improve labor conditions of the union members, and improve their economic and cultural lives. Efforts we make are intended for sound development, not only of companies but also of the industry and society as a whole.
  3. We, JSGU, promote activities based on the spirit of mutual understanding and trust between labor and management on an equal basis.
  4. We, JSGU, eagerly embark on new challenges with unconventional mindset in line with changing times.


Enacted: on November 14, 2009 at the 6th Annual Convention


Kandaogawamachisanchome Building 5F
3-26-8 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052, Japan



0120-133-719(Free Dial)




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